ZCLUSTER – “The Rapture”

It has finally happened…. Australian duo, ZCLUSTER have finally put out their debut album, The Rapture, as of the 8th of August. With INfest8 living in Sydney & Sai Jaiden Lillith in Melbourne, like so many electronic/industrial groups, they have created this release through the internet, and I like to think that it makes it all a bit more industrial.

Starting off with the title track, “The Rapture” was also a single release back in February and back then, I believe I said this was a provocative track, and it sets the tone for this album. Winding electronics call in “The Haunting” and Sai’s vocals really make this song, especially in the chorus, and there is no exorcising this spectre, with a hint of Alice In Chains. The light, wandering synths with the heavy backing electronics sets up “Judas” wonderfully, while “Death Drive” was another single, angst ridden and hard edged with the tribal beats underneath all.

Shadow” is heavy and drapes over all, with the sexuality oozing throughout and this transfers well into “Vessel” with its frizzing electronics, a shift into something far more urgent that becomes almost overwhelming, There is a frustration that can almost be tasted in “The Hunger” and the final track, “Monster” has dueling vocals. There is something actually quite compelling about the energy in “Monster” and you can feel it in your chest.

ZCLUSTER are bringing the heavy and sexy in The Rapture. There is a prevailing darkness or murkiness painted into the music, which reminds me a lot of watching something like The Crow and you can hear the Nine Inch Nails influence and that the band has a connection to those industrial bands that rose to prominence at that period. The lads have injected eroticism into the whole album and Sai Jaiden Lillith is going to vocally rub up against you, purring, cajoling and lyrically urging you on. So for a good time, maybe get yourself a little of The Rapture.

ZCluster (bandcamp.com)

ZCluster | Facebook

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