Evil Becomes Rule with Christian Death – Interview

It has been a little while since we heard a brand new Christian Death album, but all that changed with the May 6th release of Evil Becomes Rule, on the French record label, Season Of Mist. Valor and Maitri gave you a taste by dropping the first single “Blood Moon and it was a taste of something very warm and familiar. Most of the new album is like that, like the smell of heady incense that takes back to another time and place. Indeed, Evil Becomes Rule is very reminiscent of the mystical, swirling late 80s Christian Death vibe. Valor Kand was gracious in answering a few questions for me and I found I had made a faux pas. I had not realised that they had toured Australia in around 2008….and sadly my only defense is that I was spawning at the time. However, no time for regrets, as time and tide wait for no man, and there is only Christian Death.

Welcome to the darkside of the moon where Onyx has the occasional beach holiday!

Your last new studio album, The Root Of All Evilution came out in 2015. Is it a good feeling to have Evil Becomes Rule finished and what prompted you to create the album?

“The Root of All Evilution” is the story of “EVIL on Earth” from the time of and as mentioned in the Emerald Tablets and as referred to in the Book of Enoch (one of the sacred books NOT included in the Bible, by decree of the newly formed Roman Church’s Council Of Nicea in 325AD) then up to the present time. “Evil Becomes Rule” on the other hand, is the story of Evil on Earth from the present and on into the future.

It is seven years between studio albums. Was it an unconcious thing or planned to have that break?

“The Root of All Evilution” was actually released in the latter part of 2015 as I remember. We had a late start on getting to work on “Evil Becomes Rule”, actually 3 years later, in the latter part of 2018, due to touring and other commitments, however, we did not get to finish most of the tracks until a year later. At the end of 2019 we were still laying the final tracks a month later, then the Plandemic hit. Then all our plans fell apart, touring, the record release, etc. It was not until The Spring of 2021,another year and a half later, that we and the label were in a position to roll out new plans. But then we were confronted by massive delays with the pressing plants of vinyl’s and CDs around the world. First we were told September 2021, then December and then finally January 2022 before manufacture could begin, ultimately leading to a Spring 2022 release.

So please tell us what is “Evil Becomes Rule” is…… or rather what it means to you.

Originally we were calling and announcing the album with the title “Evil Become You” a double entendre. Albeit how Evil on Earth has consumed “YOU” the individual and that also how the elite wear their Evil proudly like a fashion statement and how very becoming they feel they look.

Although the album lyrics actually predicted the world of plight we now exist in, we were caught by surprise at how soon it happened. So, as our story had then morphed into the past tense and the rule of law in the world had also morphed into MORE rules, we then morphed the title into Evil Becomes Rule.

Who played on this album?

Myself (Valor) Male vocals and multiple instruments

Maitri Female vocals bass guitar

PAO (of the band Kaonashi) ON drums

Guest guitar: Chuck “Chains” Lenihan (of the bands CarnivoreAD, Genitorturers, and The Crum Suckers)

Guest male vocals: KWA B (a West African artist)

You have already announced a US tour for the album. Will you be extending this to other countries as well?

Other than the Spring 2022 USA tour, we also have a European tour in August/ September 2022 then we directly jump back to a USA & Canada September/October 2022

Last year was pretty big for you guys as well, what with collaborating with the label Season Of Mist and releasing the four volumes called The Dark Age Renaissance Collection. What prompted you to collate the Christian Death albums?

Our catalogue has been spread out over dozens of labels, around the world, over the years. We decided it was time to consolidate, re-group, re-master and re-package it all into one label “SOM”, one of the few a labels we have come to trust and love.

Christian Death have a huge fan base across the globe that just seems to keep growing. Do you find that both amazing and humbling at the same time?

I have been both amazed and humbled since the very first album and the very first tour.

Valor, you were born in Australia. Have you ever thought about bringing the band out to play to the tropical goth?

In 2008 or maybe 2009 we played shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as New Zealand. We had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed the shows and the people. We sat with kangaroos and were offered roo tail meat. We hung out at the home of and spent time with a poisonous snake handler/reptile keeper and drunk tea with several deadly Aussie poisonous species within feet of us, free roaming. We took pictures with Koalas. We got high with fans back stage in Melbourne and I filmed exotic birds in Brisbane, we also did other fun but unspeakable things.

You did an unplugged version of David Bowie’s Quicksand from Hunky Dory in honour of his passing.

Yes we did but it was not unplugged, it is a full on studio recording. It was fun and as of today we finished the video for that song which you can find here:

What impact did Bowie have on you?

I always admired how everything David Bowie did was different from the next thing he did, always something new. That is the legacy I have inherited from him.

I always ask, who were your musical heroes and bands that made you decide to get into music scene?

Having been born into a family of musicians, grandparents down to parents and other family members, I started playing multiple instruments at the age of 4 or 5. Family members were and still are my heroes.

I like too many artists to mention and despise even more.

Who or what inspires you or you enjoy listening to?

Usually, I do not listen to anything in particular, except in passing, or as it passes by my ears. The entire world is my inspiration, mentally, physically and spiritually. So when I need to hear something, I create it.

So if you were able to look into the murky depths of a crystal ball, what would you see in the future of Christian Death? Eight balls are also acceptable but not runes because that’s cheating.

Firstly, as I understand it, soothsaying with runes is non practical, as it is told in the ancient European traditions; the future can take many paths thus any prediction can be only relative to the path. Secondly, I hardly think many people are able to draw an image of events to come, other than those who manipulate and steer the world at large where they want us to go and d,o or those who see behind the veil, past the smoke and mirrors and the gifts of bread and circus

Thank you for your time and thank you for the music.

Thank you for your time


Season of Mist Records – Metal Label (season-of-mist.com)

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