Matt Hart – “Tales Of Terror And Chaos Retold”

if you are a fan of Matt Hart and his apocalypse inspired, industrial style, then you would be well aware that he has been releasing songs throughout the last year, remixed by friends and acquaintances. July was the release of Tales Of Terror And Chaos Retold, a culmination of these remixes that includes three extra and new mixes by Antibody, Spankthenun and Simon Cater.


The first of the new mixes is “Outlaws” by Antibody. It’s dirty and dirge like with the sonar like echoing off beat and that wonderful electronic heaviness.

Killoreality” for me has hints of Elecric Hellfire Club with the metallic menaces of the story enhanced by Spankthenun. It definitely has this band’s fingerprints all over it. It has a distinct harkening back to the early 90s that mixes well with Hart’s harsher dance style.

The Simon Carter mix of “Triolith” is almost hypnotic with a near constant beat and a slight undertone of dread just below the surface. It’s a great trance dance version.

in a way this compilation has everything from old school style to break core. Acts like Witch Of The Vale brings a heavy, verbose beauty and the ESA mix is a thunderous earworm that makes you want to move. Matt Hart’s Tales Of Terror And Chaos Retold is definitely worth a listen because you don’t just get Matt Hart but all those other amazing artists with their interpretations. Put a smile on your dial.

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