Looking for a bit of retro in your electronic music? The look no further than the newly released EP, EP.01 from RetCon. Jason Hollis fully admits to being kind of stuck in 1988 and we say that is kind of cool.

The sound for the single “New Day“, is definitely rooted in the 80’s, with analogue synths that chirp along and the vocals of Jason Hollis, floating in the electronic aether. The threat of nuclear weapons is the highest it has been since the Cold War and the pulsating “Blink” is about this imminent demise of the human race by its own hand, while “First Light” is cool and trance like, urging the oppressed not to give against the might of crushing enemies. Last track, “Xcommunication” is eerie in its stalker like persistence and whispered vocals.

Musically, there is something that tells me that Hollis was very influenced by Front 242. Me thinks there is a corelation to the cool beats and unhurried electronics. There is a lot of care put into this EP and a love of certain era but also within, is a message that in these times of global instability, one should not become complacent.

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in 1996, I met a couple, Georgina Emery and Ken Evans, as they were looking to get their band into live gigs. Tycho Brahe were signed to the now iconic, Brisbane based and independent electronic label, Trans:Com. I have a feeling their first show may have been at the club I ran back then. They played a very catchy number called “Dreams Of Dying” that became a crowd favourite. That was 25 years ago and to mark this anniversary, Tycho Brahe have re-cut a new version that was released in May this year.


You could always hear the New Order and Human League influence in the music. There are the bright synth lines, the danceable rhythm and the catchy hook chorus that will get stuck in your head. For me it doesn’t sound very much different, except maybe cleaner sound wise and maybe that’s the point. It was pretty good to start off with and instantly drew in the gothic crowd.

Yes this is highly nostalgic for me. It was a time when we were younger and life revolved around going to the next nightclub, the next gig and who was dating who. In saying that, it was always a stand out song that got people dancing with its strong synth pop and electronic roots.

Ken had gone on to work with his idol, Peter Hook of New Order fame but it’s nice to see Tycho Brahe keeping the flame burning. You can check them out on Bandcamp and the single is for free download. I have never forgotten and I still have the original demo tape they gave me.